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The HYKER encrypted communication service consists of many parts. Depending on your needs, you can choose between these protocols to provide your application with encryption and key sharing services.

  • RIKS - Retroactive Interactive Key Sharing

  • SAFT - Secure Asynchronous File Transfer

  • PEP - Payload Encryption Protocol

All of our services are linked to the HYKER KDS - Key Distribution System for identity distribution.


For all systems communicating in a dynamic way, for example through an MQTT broker or a Real-time Database, RIKS is the way to go. RIKS encrypts messages so that they can be sent over arbitrary channels where the publisher does not have to be aware of the subscribers at send time.

The RIKS protocol implementation RiksKit available in Java and C++ provides both encryption functionality as well as key management and key sharing service including concepts such as:

  • Key cache A collection of keys RiksKit can use to decrypt messages.
  • Key request Performed by RiksKit when in need of a key not in cache.
  • Key response Reactive key sharing to allowed receivers upon key request.
  • Whitelist Used to grant access to receivers at key request.
  • Rekey Triggers generation of new key to be used e.g. after whitelist change.
  • Preshare A proactive key response.

For simpler scenarios, PEP is the most straightforward of these libraries, solving basic needs for payload encryption. It includes point-to-point transport of encrypted payloads.


Finally SAFT is suitable for delivering large files between nodes in an asynchronous way. A common scenario is firmware update for mobile devices.


All HYKER protocols are backed by KDS which is a hosted key distribution service often invisible to the developer, though it can be deployed on premise or replace by own implementations.

Getting Started

A straightforward getting stated guide can be found in the side navigation.

Code Examples

Working code examples in the form of implemented use cases can be found at use cases.

Developer Program

An excellent way to get to know HYKER is to follow along the HYKER developer program. It is a general secure communications guide as well as an introduction to HYKER services. It shouldn't take more than a couple of hours to complete. It is located at hyker.gitbooks.io/developer-program.

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