HYKER Developer Program

Welcome to the HYKER developer program. This program (or guide/tutorial) is for developers interested in learning more about communications security in general and HYKER in particular.

What will I gain?

Completing this program will award you with:

  • A general insight into communications security.
  • The challenges of achieving communications security in asynchronous and dynamic systems.
  • How HYKER approaches these challenges.
  • A hands-on session with HYKER code and libs.

What will I be able to do after?

  • Implement end-to-end encryption and key sharing in my projects.


Get in touch for guidance with HYKER slack team. Fill out below form to request an invite.

HYKER Slack Team Invite Request Form


The essential part of this program is estimated to take about two hours to complete. However, more in-depth resources and materials are provided for the interested reader.


Communications Security Background


HYKER Services

Hands On With HYKER

Cryptography 101

Remaining Challenges

Coding Session

All done